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We can help with a variety of conditions ranging from Metabolic conditions (e.g., kidney disease or cancer recovery), Neurological conditions (e.g., Loss of feeling, pain, or paralysis), Musculoskeletal conditions (e.g., Injury rehab, surgery recovery, general strength, or lower back pain) or Cardiorespiratory conditions (e.g., lung and Heart function or COVID recovery).

Clinical exercise and rehabilitation can improve and manage almost all conditions. Here is some examples;

  • Arthritis - Its known that improving bone density and blood flow can improve symptoms.
  • Pain - Chronic lower back, neck, shoulder, neurological, etc
  • Fatigue - Chronic Fatigue, COVID recovery, conditions that fatigue follows (fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinsons etc), Sleep related disorders.
  • Shortness of breath - Improve heart and Lung function, decrease cholesterol and chance of heart attack and stroke.
  • Mobility - Improve your day to day life, be able to play with the grandkids and kids, carry shopping without pain. 
  • Obesity - Decrease weight and most conditions can be elevated.
  • Diabetes - Exercise can control or even eliminate Diabetes and the related symptoms.
  • Injury and post operation rehabilitation - Weight training and other specific exercise can get you moving faster and prevent further issues.
  • Cancer - Recovery and remission, its known that exercise can improve mood, recovery and overall bodily function.
  • Depression - Exercise is known to reduce depression and other mental health issues by improving mood and overall bodily health.

Our staff can perform Cardiorespiratory testing, including ECG stress testing, Spirometry (lung Function), as well as a wide variety of health screening or exercise testing relevant to your specific situation. 

We can help your exercise and health, with compassion, education, best practice and rebatable services.

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